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Hey there, I’m Caitlyn! I love to paint, go to the beach, and eat sushi! I’ve been working here at the Animal Hospital for about half a year now and I’m super excited to be here! My family and I moved here to Jacksonville from Roswell New Mexico in 2012 with my dog at the time, Morgan, and we’ve lived in Jacksonville ever since. We absolutely love it here there is so much more to do compared to my small hometown! When I was a kid, I always wanted to be around animals and help them. At a young age I would play vet with my stuffed animals instead of with dolls because that’s just how much I loved animals. I currently have a young Boston Terrier Bulldog mix named Zuzu Petals Carter. She is a tiny ball of energy who doesn’t have an off switch but I love her anyways! The most rewarding thing about my job has been helping the rescues that come through the practice and watching them get healthier and more confident with treatment, until eventually they get fostered or find forever homes.