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Jun 02 2015

Summer Travel Plans?

Dear Summer traveler,
Vacations are a lot more fun if you share them with your best friend!  If you plan to take your dog or cat with you, careful planning and safety precautions will make travel more enjoyable for both of you.
Make an appointment with your veterinarian for a check up and make sure all vaccinations are up to date.  When flying, obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian dated within 10 days of departure.  For travel outside the United States, additional planning and health care requirements may be necessary.  Contact the foreign office of the country you are traveling for more information.
Affix a current photograph of your pet to the top of the crate for identification purposes.  Should our pet escape from the carrier, this could be a lifesaver.  You should also carry a photograph of your pet with you.
It is alot safer for everyone if your pet is securely fastened or confined during car trips.  A large dog in your lap or a small one bouncing around the accelerator pedal can be distracting and dangerous – and should you have an accident, your unrestrained pet might be thrown about the cab.  Popular options for safe pet travel include pet seat belts, crates and car barriers.  If you use a seat belt be sure to put your pet in the backseat.  When riding in the front, pets can be injured or killed if you have an accident and an airbag deploys.
When traveling by plane, make sure your pets collar or carrier incude destination information in case your pet escapes.
We know that you are on the go most of time.  That is why we offer ePetHealth and Pet Owner Portals that were designed to be completely mobile ready and easy to access from your smart phone or tablet.
ePetHealth offers you:
  • 24/7 access to your pet’s medical information
  • An extensive library of educational tools related to your pet’s health
  • The ability to view and request appointments
  • Medication dose reminders
We encourage you to use the ePetHealth mobile ready site instead.   The ePetHealth mobile ready site offers a more comprehensive look at your pet’s medical information as well as other features.
Access the portal with one click by creating a bookmark in the browser on your smart phone.
You can add a bookmark or shortcut to our Practice Website, which can be found at
Please note that the epethealth app is no longer available for downloads from iTunes or the Google Play store.  Although the app will no longer be available for download, anyone who currently has the app on their mobile device may continue using the app in its present condition.  However, no updates will be made and new features will not be added. 
First time logging into your portal? Start by going to Enter the email address where you received this message and click ‘First Time Login’. You will then receive an email with a link to guide you through the rest of the registration process. The only thing left to do is explore and enjoy!
Have a wonderful summer and safe travels, from your friends at,
San Jose Beauclerc Animal Hospital    


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