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Sep 07 2018


Join us for our “SENIOR at 7 in SEPTEMBER!”

Why is there anything different about a checkup for a senior dog?
Certainly, most conditions can occur or manifest throughout your dog’s life. There are simply some problems that are statistically more likely to occur as your dog gets older; things like:

We are committed to your pets continued good health, disease detection and management, and a better quality of life!!

That is why we reccommend a “Senior Care Panel” for your geriatric pet… and with our “Senior at 7 in September” special, receive a Office Call/ Physical exam absolutely FREE!!!  (That is a savings of up to $60.00!!)

Give us a call today at (904) 733-5022 and reserve your appointment for your 4-legged senior citizen and look forward to the “Golden” years!!

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