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    Sep 07 2018

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    Join us for our “SENIOR at 7 in SEPTEMBER!” Why is there anything different about a checkup for a senior dog? Certainly, most conditions can occur or manifest throughout your…


    Sep 02 2015

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    SENIOR @ SEVEN IN SEPTEMBER COUPON!!! Did you know that your pets senior years start at the age of seven? Similar to people in their “Golden Years” senior pets have…

  • Dental Month AGAIN in August?? You Betcha!!!

    Jul 31 2015

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    It was so big in February, we couldnt contain it all!!!  So we brought it back in August!!  Save a GIGANTIC 30% off your pets Dental cleaning throughout the entire…

  • Summer Travel Plans?

    Jun 02 2015

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    Dear Summer traveler, Vacations are a lot more fun if you share them with your best friend!  If you plan to take your dog or cat with you, careful planning…

  • Honoring our heroes Memorial Day 2015

    May 22 2015

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    Honoring our heroes who have served in the Military whether it be past, present or future…   Your tremendous effort and sacrifice gives us pause to say THANK YOU!!  We are…